10 Golf Terms For Dummies

Not only is golf a fun sport, it also has its own language, and that makes this article on golf terms for dummies seem necessary for anyone who is interested in playing or watching the sport. Birdie, par, bogey... First time golfers find themselves very confused at these invented words. Luckily, they're quite easy to learn and understand. You'll be feeling more comfortable out on the golf course in no time.

​Below are the 10 golf terms for dummies:

1. The 'ace'

This one is quite easy to remember, because it's the best outcome you can hope for. An ace refers simply to a hole in one, meaning that it takes only one swing for the ball to go straight into the hole.

2. The 'par'

Since holes vary in difficulty level, the 'par' is the score that a good player would be expected to make on that specific hole or round. The par will vary from hole to hole, and is very important to understand due to its relation to other key golf terms that will be explained next.

3. The 'albatross', or 'double eagle'

Here's where the golf terminology gets a little more tricky. The 'albatross/double eagle' refers to three strokes under par. So, if par for a particular hole is 5 strokes, an albatross/double eagle will be 2 strokes. This terminology takes a bit of basic math skills to understand, but it's quite easy to get used to.

4. The 'eagle'

Another easy one to learn once you understand what a par is. The 'eagle' refers to two strokes under par.

5. The 'birdie'

You can probably answer this one yourself. A birdie simply refers to one stroke under par.

6. The 'bogey'

This is where the scores start to go downhill. Once you're out there on the course, these are the terms you don't want to hear. A 'bogey' is one stroke over par, meaning it's taking you longer than it should to get that ball where it's supposed to be.

7. The 'double bogey'

And the worst of all is the 'double bogey', which is - you've probably guessed it - two strokes over par. Once you understand these seven golf terms, you'll be on par (get it?) with the rest of the beginners.

8. The 'hazard'

If you've ever watched golf, you'll know that there are plenty of hazardous looking areas on the golf course. 'Bunkers' are created to make the game of golf even more difficult, and can be composed of sand or thick grass. There are also permanent water hazards; if you accidentally get your ball in there, there's no getting out.

9. The 'explosion shot'

Since we just talked about bunkers, it only seems necessary to talk about the explosion shot next. When a ball is caught in a sand trap, many players will opt for a shot where they strongly swing the club, plowing it underneath the sand and underneath the ball. You might also hear it called a 'blast' or a 'blast shot'.

10. 'Iron'

And the last golf term for dummies is here... This is important because it refers to the most important tool in the game - your club. An iron is a golf club made from solid metal, with a flat-face. They are numbered from one to nine and the higher the number, the greater the loft they produce.

There you have it. 10 golf terms for dummies that will come in quite handy when you're just starting out. Once you've gotten the knack of these terms, you won't be a dummy for long. Golf is a difficult sport, but is well worth it once you get some practice in and get used to the way the game works.

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