5 Best Golf Workouts To Improve Your Game

Golfers require good workouts in order to play golf pain free and to improve golf fitness and flexibility. Below are some of the 5 best golf workouts each of them addressing strength, flexibility and spinal stability. They are compounded exercises which addresses a golfer’s need simply and quickly.

best golf workouts

​Best golf workouts:

1. Single Leg Deadlift

This workout helps in simulating ball approach whether in a sand trap or on the tee. One should stand on one leg and ensure a slight bend on the knee. The back should be kept flat and the chest up as one bends over for the dead lift. While focusing on balancing, pressure on the heel should be kept. As one lowers down, a stretch is felt in the back of the leg. Abdominal muscles require squeezing so as to keep the back from rounding. Movements in this workout should be done slowly and worked on form instead of explosiveness.

2. Lateral Bounds

Two cones are placed several feet apart, with this distance between cones depending on one’s ability. Standing on a ready position, one should explode off the ground to reach for the other cone by using coiled muscles. In pushing off the outside leg, arms should be swung towards the direction of the jump. There should be a soft landing with a bent knee and catching yourself on your lead leg. The momentum of landing should be used to squat down so as to reach the cone with opposite hand of the leg one landed on.

3. Medicine Ball Rotation Slams

The functionalities of core stabilization, hip rotation and coordination of upper body in helping with the down swing are usually utilized in this workout. To those doing it for the first time, they should begin with a light ball or by using a cable machine so as to perform downward chops. The ball should be brought overhead, hips rotated and slamming the ball down so that it bounces off the ground to land at the target. Visualizing squashing of the bug with the back foot is essential as it helps in bringing the hips through and exaggerating the bend in the back knee.

4. Medicine Ball lateral Rotation Throws

This workout helps in improving core mobility, a strong follow through and overall functional strength. To those who are new to this movement, they should use a light medicine ball or TRX Rip Trainer in order to train the on using the core muscles. The medicine ball is held on the side facing away from one’s partner or the wall. The chest should be kept up, the core tight and the face hips forward. The upper body should be rotated quickly and exploded towards the target. Then, the ball chest high should be released and followed through with the rotation.

5. Cable Pull/Push

This workout helps in working the upper body, coordination and the core strength. Cable arms should be set parallel to the floor and light weights used for decreased difficulty. Ac cable should be held on each hand; shoulder blades pinched together and ensure a slight bend on the knees. Cable on both hands should be pulled in opposite directions. Once in a ready position, the cable should be pulled with the extended arm while at the same time extending the other arm. The upper body should be kept still while the arms are moving.

I hope you enjoy doing these golf workout exercises and improve your game. If you have any questions then just comment here and let us know. Just in case you missed, then have a look at one of the most recent popular posts  "5 Tips How To Hit a Golf Ball" and click here.


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