5 Tips How To Hit a Golf Ball

Most beginners hit at a golf ball, rather than through it. Probably the best thing to learn about how to hit a golf ball is the absolute need for a follow through on the swing, whether at the tee upon address or in the fairway playing the ball where it lies.

The point I am trying to convey is to make solid contact, and those who can consistently make solid contact with their ball, will have a more enjoyable golf game in general. Balance, a good foundation, rhythm in the swing and good tempo help make hitting the ball a whole lot easier. Other things to keep in mind, keep the swing in one plane from start to finish and practice weight transfer from one foot to the other. Watch the pros do it on television to give yourself an idea of how it's done.

how to hit a golf ball

So what are the 5 tips how to hit a golf ball?

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1. Teeing Up the Ball

There is more to teeing up the ball than simply placing it on the little white stick, although that is basically all you do. However, there are a few other things to consider. If you're teeing off, then chances are you are using a driver. In that case the tee should be placed higher or stick farther out of the ground. Bigger tees are sold for this purpose. This allows the ball to sit up higher for the bigger club head driver. For iron shots, the normal sized tee is okay. Just make sure you can see at least half the ball.

2. Check Your Grip

When it comes to how to hit a golf ball, watch your hands on the club. Grip too hard and you will tense up and shorten your shot. Grip to loose and you will end up slicing it or drawing it off in a direction you do not want the ball to go. Grip the club only strong enough to control it. Hands should be in a neutral position upon impact with the club head tilted a bit toward the center for solid impact.

3. Follow Through the Shot

Bring the club all the way through the shot. Do not just stop your swing when you make contact with the ball. It is the follow through that gives you distance and trajectory. Your finish should not be at the ground. It should be on the other side of your body, long and rhythmic.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Have someone watched you while you swing. Or practice in front of a mirror. Or videotape your practices. This will allow you to see what it is you are doing wrong and to correct your mistakes or bad habits. Observe your foundation, is your body balanced, how is your swing, do you pause at the top or do you quickly take back the club and bring it down with as much force as you can muster, do you hit or miss the ball, do you keep your eyes on the ball at all times, do you follow through on your swing, does the ball fly....or is it still sitting on the tee? Practice on how to hit a golf ball! Practice, practice, practice

5. Use Your Hips

You can gain a lot of power you lose by twisting your hips during your swing so that they face the fairway and not the ball. This will create extra torque and help make up for some of the power that is lost by having less time to force your arms through the ball.

I hope these 5 tips how to hit golf ball were useful. If you have any questions then just comment below and just let us know.

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