About me

Hello dear golf-lovers!

I have been playing golf for many years, practically since my father taught me 30 years ago, and I have to say that I take pride in my skills in this deeply intellectual sport. I do not say that I am a full-blown professional player, but through the years of investing my free time in this wonderful sport, I have managed to amass an empirical knowledge that can offer to anyone hints, tricks and useful techniques, from amateurs to more advanced players. In all these years i have met hundreds if not thousands of competitive golf players and one thing that I have learned is that everyone has some little hidden trick that can really help into enhancing your playing experience. I want to compile all this knowledge and offer it to you, as this is the way to actually promote my love for golf.

My experience in the sport of golf is holistic, as I have played in numerous golf courses with varying terrain features all around the country. Thus I am sure that I can offer my diverse experience to your disposal and teach you how to deal in differing environmental surroundings, one of the most crucial parts of playing golf as they can drastically alter the course that your game style needs to follow. Another hugely important part in playing golf is choosing the right equipment for you, something that many people fail to do and end up with equipment that hampers instead of enhancing your game. It is crucial to understand what you need to buy and most importantly, how to use what you bought. Even the best equipment is useless if one does not know how to properly use it, so remember, golf is not only about money, it is more about wisely spending your money and making good use of what you bought.

My aim is to help you understand the rich background and delicate touches that are hidden within this sport, deconstruct unbased and shallow critique like “you just swing a club” or “it is just about putting a ball in a hole” etc. One can say that golf transcends sport status and it is rather a form of art, something that demands intense concentration and virtuosic realization. It is a cognitive and intellectual process that needs years of training in order to perfect, becoming a life-long journey that never ends and always offers new, intriguing experiences to the players. It is a sport that promotes serenity, tranquility and calmness, as ones comes closer to nature while playing. I want to inspire people to follow this journey and explore both this wonderful experience as well as explore their inner selves, as this profoundly spiritual and intellectual experience can have a huge impact on one’s psychology.

For all the reasons above, i started this website in order to offer my services to the sport and to you dear fellow player. I hope that through my guidance and help you will manage to hone your skills and become a great golf player, one that will master both the techniques and the state of mind needed in order to become successful in this really hard and demanding sport.

Toby C