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The Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money – 2016


Are you looking for the Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money? 

If you want to make a fast pick then just look at the comparison chart below and make your choice. Below is also a detailed article where I compare 5 leading best golf rangefinders.

Tour V3


Tour X Jolt

Tour V4

Coolshot 20

​5x magnification

6x magnification

6x magnification

5x magnification

6x magnification

2 year warranty

1 year warranty

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

2 year warranty

​1000 yards

540 yards

1300 yards

1000 yards

550 yards

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The sport of golf is one that demands absolute accuracy and complete perfection when it comes to swinging, especially in medium and long distances. Depending on the golf course that you are playing on and its overall difficulty, it is both a challenge to reach your target as well as to avoid any hazards along the course.

Amateur and beginner players can easily misjudge a distance, resulting in club swings that are too strong or too weak, thus greatly harming their game progression and costing them lots of time and frustration. Even more experienced golf players can sometimes mistake a distance and face the same problems and frustration, as none can actually calculate a long distance to the perfection of the last yard.

This is where a golf rangefinder comes in to help substantially any golfer, regardless of experience, and greatly enhance the game while also saving you from the frustration of swinging wrongly and ending up in a very bad position for your next swing. Investing money into such an equipment is something extremely wise as it actually saves you loads of time, something which is arguably important in any situation of your life. This review will help you choose the best golf rangefinder that satisfies you depending on your experience, needs and budget.


When it comes to choosing  the best golf rangefinder that covers your needs and lets you enjoy your game, there is a list of things to watch out in order to fulfill all of your desires. In the following lines, the most important of them will be covered and explained, providing a rough guideline when it comes to choosing a decent rangefinder.

First of all, you need to choose a model which is as accurate as possible and has a range that can satisfy your level of playing. Arguably someone who is more experienced needs to buy a rangefinder that can detect points at larger distances and more accurately as this can be a crucial help in golf courses meant for more advanced players.

Another thing to remember is pay attention to the weight, dimensions and overall comfort factor, as it is something that you will carry around a lot, thus it is important not to tire you or become gradually more of a burden than an aid. General ease of use is crucial should you are more amateur in handling such devices, as you need to be able to exploit its full potential when investing money into such a product.

At the same time, remember to buy a model that offers a decent battery life, as there is nothing more frustrating than running out of battery in the middle of a match, thus potentially ruining your entire day.

Another factor to weight in is whether the model that you choose to buy is approved by the USGA, though this is important only in the case that you are interested in golf professionally or semi-professionally. Amateur players or those that simply want to have a fun weekend with a few matches with friends can buy any model that they wish, no matter its features, but should you want to enter the world of golf club competitions, then you need a model which is legal to use in official golf tours.

Finally there comes the most stable of all rules when it comes to any kind of purchasing: Define your Budget. By factoring in your level of experience and the money that you have available for golf at any time, you need to choose the best possible model that your budget can purchase.

A crucial part when it comes to choosing exactly the best golf rangefinder for your matches is personal research. If you factor in all of the points mentioned above and carefully search for your desired aiding equipment in golf, you will surely have good results. In order to help you in your search, I will offer some personal choices in the market of golf rangefinders, pieces of equipment that are suitable for differing budgets and level of experience. Should you have less time that can be invested in personal research for the ideal model, then the following 5 reviews will save you loads of time and offer you my years of experiences in using and handling golf equipment.

How to find the Best Golf Rangefinder? Read below:

1. Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder

The first rangefinder to be reviewed is the Bushnell V3 rangefinders. It is a golf rangefinder developed by a company that has a long and successful tradition in the realm of optics, delivering high quality products that can satisfy their customers and provide a significant aid when it comes finding the best golf rangefinder.

The price is usually ranging around 200$ to 250$, so it can be considered as a medium priced rangefinder that is affordable by many people that want to invest in good aiding equipment.

The range that this models offers is quite good, as it can deliver measurements between 10 and 1000 yards with an accuracy of one yard, thus its precision is very good and can successfully guide any player in a match.

It offers a 5x magnification that can really help in pinpointing the exact spot that you need to reach and measure correctly the distance. All of these features are accompanied by a design which is not the sleekest in the market, but it is robust, simple, with a very good grip and overall easy to grip and handle, without being too heavy, as it weights around 6,6 ounces.

A characteristic which it is uses and is quite helpful is that the rangefinder vibrates shortly once you lock on the desired target. This is a feature that helps the golfer ensure that everything is in order before swinging and thus making no mistakes when playing. It is also important to note that the Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder model is also weather resistant and it can be used safely in rainy weather conditions that could otherwise harm such delicate electronics.

A negative point of this product is that the battery life is not optimal, as it lasts around 1-2 months with medium usage, around 3 matches a week. Should you buy this model keep in mind that you might need to change battery soon, thus it would be a good idea to have extra batteries at hand when approaching the end of battery life.

The final note is that it is generally approved in amateur tournaments, with the exception of the version that also measures slopes and such features. Should you want to use it in tournaments, remember to avoid the edition labelled Tour V3 JOLT Slope.

Overall the Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder is a good piece of equipment that can satisfy most users, amateur and advanced alike. It has lots of helpful features, it is easy to use and the price is decent in comparison to the overall quality. With only minor issues at hand, it is arguably one of the best golf rangefinders in the market at the moment.

2. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder

The VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder which is developed by the company TecTecTec is another competitive rangefinder which can greatly enhance your playing experience. Its price usually ranging around 150$, thus it is a quite economical model, ideal for golf players that do not want to invest loads of money into the more pricey equipment but still want to get most from their money and find the best golf rangefinder. 

The range that it offers is the lowest among the models researched in this list, as it is 540 yards with an accuracy of one yard. It is a distance that can satisfy most people, but it lacks the extra range of the other models that offers a much more efficient scouting of the overall golf course area and can offer a real help in the starting positions.

It offers a 6x magnification, which is impressive for its price range and it is considerably clear, thus helping the player in his game when wanting to pin-point the desired spot.

Its design is compact and robust, offering an great grip to the user and it is exceptionally light, weighting just 6,6 ounces and thus being extremely easy to use and drag around all day without tiring you.

It is a water resistant product, something also essential as mentioned above as it ensures that a sudden rainfall will not ruin your equipment and that you can continue your match even in more harsh weather conditions.

The greatest problem of this model along with the somewhat limited range that it offers is that sometimes there is a difficulty to lock on the desired target. Sometimes you might need multiple tries in order to successfully pinpoint a flag and it can be frustrating at times. Its lightweight design becomes an additional problem, as it is even more prone to slight movements that disrupt the measurement process.

Finally, I need to mention that as this model does not measure slopes, it is accepted in most amateur tournaments organized, thus it is a product that can be used by those interested in joining competitions.

Overall, TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder as lower budget models is quite good for the money that it is worth, but it does have a few problems that can annoy some people and lead them into saving an extra 50$ - 100$ in order to purchase a more reliable piece of equipment. Despite this problem though, considering its price it is worth its money and should you have lesser expectations then it can easily fulfill them.

3. Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS/Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder

Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS/Rangefinder is another Rangefinder developed by Bushnell that once again features the high quality of production that comes along this optics company when you're looking for the best golf rangefinder.

As a model it is quite pricey, as it costs usually around 300$ - 350$, thus it can be considered as a more professional piece of equipment and is targets the market of more advanced golf players that demand exceptional features to enhance their game experience.

The real question is whether the extra money which is worth manage to make a solid difference compared to the more economic models that are offered in the market. In terms of range, it can be considered exceptional as successfully measure targets up to 1300 yards away, one of the largest ranges offered in the market regardless of models. 

If someone factors in the accuracy of the Tour X model which is 0.5 yards, then we are talking about an outstanding performance when it comes its actual job, locking on a target.

All this extreme accuracy comes along a 6x magnification, helping greatly in detecting the desired flag and it always offers a crystal-clear visuals and it also has another quite helpful feature, Dual Display.

What Dual Display actually does is that it lets the user choose between two distinct display styles that are depending on the lighting conditions, ensuring that you always have the best possible visibility even when the weather or time of the day does no completely allows that.

Additional to this, it has the familiar JOLT technology present in other Bushnell models, which arguably eases lock-on by giving actual feedback to the user.

In terms of design, it is a bit bulkier than many of the cheaper models around in the market, something though natural considering the additional features that it has. Design remains elegant despite the size, but if you factor in the added weight (it is around 8 ounces) then it can prove a bit tiring when used for many hours, but it is not something bad enough to chase off potential customers because of this slight negative.

A truly innovative characteristic that this laser rangefinder features is that it enables the user to exchange lenses in order to switch between slope and simple mode. This is so great, as it is like having two rangefinders in one body and you can easily switch on the spot in order to satisfy the demands of any situations.

As a result, despite slope measurement is offered, you can disable it and use this rangefinder in tournaments where such equipment is prohibited, making it perfect both for practice and competitive matches.

Summarizing this product, the Tour X Jolt Golf Laser GPS/Rangefinder is a truly exceptional product that will satisfy most users to the maximum with its loads of useful and truly innovative features. The price can be a bit high for some people, especially if the do not play golf at very high levels, but no matter what it is not a waste of money.

4. Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder

Best golf rangefinder

Presenting yet another model of the iconic Bushnell company, the V4 Rangefinder model can be considered as a slightly upgraded version of the V3 which was mentioned above. Definitely a product to consider when you're looking for the best golf rangefinder. 

In terms of price, it is similarly a bit more expensive, as it costs usually a bit more than 250$ thus remaining in the mid-range zone in terms of budget but sometimes venturing towards the higher-range depending on the price that you can find.

Similarly to the V3 model, it has a range of 1000 yards with an accuracy of 1 yard, thus it is sufficient in most situations that one will face while playing golf. Sharing the same JOLT technology with V3, it makes locking on the flag considerably easier, helping the golfer considerably.

Magnification is once again 5x, not the highest, but still quite good in order to successfully navigate and track objects in the field. The point where differences start between these two models that are both excellent in their range is ergonomics, design and some of the electronics inside.

First of all, the V4 is considerably better in terms of design in my opinion, offering a greatly more convenient and stable grip compared to the V3. This is a crucial feature sometimes, especially when measuring long distances and you need to maintain a very steady grip on the rangefinder in order to successfully measure the distance and not frustrate yourself by such mistakes.

At the same time, it is slightly faster in terms of calculating and locking on targets, a feature not as crucial but always welcome when it comes to such equipment. It is important to note that despite the added features that the V4 model has, the weight of the devices remains the same, thus once again it is not an issue to be worried about. The rest of the features are more or less shared, as both of them are water-resistant, once again ensuring that sudden changes in the weather will be no problem for your matches.

One last note is that similarly to the V3 model, the V4 does not feature slope measurement in its basic edition, thus it is legal to use in most tournaments as well as in your normal friendly matches.

Summarizing, the Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder manages to slightly improve the allready great V3 model by adding some good new elements into its product design. Despite being better and an actual upgrade though, I am not totally convinced that it is 100% worth the extra 50$ (or even more) that you need to invest in its purchase, as the differences between these two models are not that many.

5. NIKON nikon coolshot 20

Best golf rangefinder

The last rangefinder to be introduced in this review is the Nikon coolshot 20, a model which is developed by one of the most famous companies in optics all around the world, Nikon.

It is a model which features a lower price compared to Bushnell's rangefinders analyzed above, as one can find it easily around 150$, being a competitor in the lower budget market of such equipment. It really gets some attention as the best golf rangefinder in that price range.

In terms of optics, it is not the best model in the market as it has a range limited at 550 yards with an accuracy of 1 yard at shorter distances that can become a bit higher when measuring towards its range limit. Considering this, some people that are perfectionists might feel a bit disappointed with its performance and try instead a model that offers better range and accuracy. I have to say though in my experience, that as a product it can satisfy most simpler needs and should you not demand the absolute best result, then this model can suffice.

A great plus is that it offers a 6x magnification, which as mentioned once again above, is always welcome as it can be helpful in many situations. What truly shines in this model in my opinion is the design factor. It is very small, it is very ergonomic and easy to handle it is very light (4.4 ounces) and it is just a wonder to handle.

A very nice feature that this model has is the 8 - second continuous scanning, a feature that can really help amateur players in mapping out the course in front of them quickly and efficiently. You just need to push the button and the rangefinder will track down multiple object in front of you, saving time when you want to really carefully plan your actions before a swing.

All of these features come with a water-resistant body, similarly to the previous models and a lack of slope measurement, thus it can be used in most tournaments as an aiding equipment.

Overall, I personally really like the Nikon coolshot 20. Despite having some issues in terms of range and accuracy, if you factor in the design, the ease of use and the electronic features that it has, then the price is extremely good and totally satisfying.


1# Bushnell Tour V3


All of these models have their problems and strengths, but if i had to buy one right away I would choose the V3 model of Bushnell. It truly is the best golf rangefinder for the money at the moment. There are better rangefinders out there and others that are cheaper, but this one hits exactly the perfect spot between quality and price. It is a model that can be used by beginners and advanced players alike, delivering almost always stable and consistent results and being 100% worth its money. The V4 is better but not so much better to actually worth the extra 50$ + that it costs, the Tour X is magnificent but it is oriented towards more advanced players, while the VPRO 5000 is cheaper but I would stick with the V3 instead as it is considerably more consistent. The Bushnell Tour V3 truly is the best golf rangefinder.

2# Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder


The one that I want to also recommend is the Nikon coolshot 20, as I was also very happy with the output of this model. The V3 is more professional (hence the price) but one can't deny that the Nikon rangefinder is incredible for its price range and it is especially useful for players new in golf. Should I just began playing golf then maybe I would prefer the Nikon over the V3 model as it is really more ergonomic, but if someone wants to make the most out of the money invested, then the V3 is a no-brainer.