5 Best Golf Jokes

Here are some best golf jokes what make you laugh during the play. There are probably few games that lend themselves better to a good joke than golf. Not only is a course a good place to share a good joke, but it only takes walking the fairway before someone will walk up to you and say, “Stop me if…” which i s as far as it usually goes before you have one even better to tell them. If not, this list of golf jokes will come in handy.

5 Best Golf Jokes:

Joke 1

Three single guys were wa iting to tee off at the local course, when the starter approached them and said, “You see that lovely young lady over there on the putting green?”

“Her? Of course. She’s gorgeous,” they all said.

“She’s a great golfer,” he explained. “She looking for a group to join, but none of the others want to include a woman. Can she play with you guys? She’s a good golfer, and she won’t hold you up, I promise. The three men said, “Sure. No problem.”

Just as the starter promised, not only was the woman a good golfer, but she observed all of the courtesies of the game and kept up to boot.

When the group finally reached the 18th hole, the woman said that if she sank that ball, she would break 80 for the first time and that she had had a wonderful time playing with them. And she also said that she loved golf so much that she wanted to marry a man who loves g olf as much as she does. Whomever could read the upcoming putt correctly, she would marry him.

All three agreed to the terms. The first man said, “I think it will break 10 inches to the left.” The second said, “Naw. I think it will break to the right. “

The third ma n looked at the woman, looked at the ball, and said, “Pick it up. I think it’s good.”

Joke 2

A woman noted that when her husband returned from his game of golf one particular Saturday he looked unusually tired and haggard. “What wrong honey?” she asked.

He responded, “Well it happened on the f ourth hole. Harry suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack. I was devastated. For the rest of the day, all I could do was hit the ball , drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry!”

Joke 3

It was bright and early on Saturday morning. Harold was beginning his golf routine, visualizing his every move, when the starter’s voice came over the loudspeaker: “Will the gentle man on the ladies tee please back up to the men’s tee?”

Unfazed, Harold remained at his spot, lining up his shot.

A little louder, the starter’s voice came over the loudspeaker: “Will the gentleman on the ladies tee please back up to the men’s tee?”

Harold broke his stance, lowered his club, and shouted, “Would the s arter kindly shut up and allow me to play my second shot?”

Joke 4

A golfer who was having a terrible day on the course started blaming his bad play on his experi enced caddie.

When the round finally ended, the golfer said, “You have got to be the worst caddie in the world.”

“I don’t think so, sir,” the caddie replied, “That would be too much of a coincidence.”

Joke 5

A golfer sliced a tee shot into the woods, then heads into the brush to find his ball, which he locates immediately behind a large tree. After considering his situation, and not wanting to take a drop and lose a stroke, he decides to hook the ball around the tree. He takes the swing, which hits the tree and ricochets back at him, and kills him instantly.

When the golfer opens hi s eyes, he sees St. Peter at the pearly gates next to him.

“Am I dead?” he asks.

“Yes, you are, my son,” St. Peter answers, as he looks the man over and notices his clubs.

“Are you a golfer?” St. Peter asks. “Are you any good?”

“Hey! I got here in two, didn’t I?”

Haha I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some best golf jokes yourself then just let us know and we'll add it here! 

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