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Best Golf Courses In USA

Finding the best golf course in USA can be difficult when you're new playing golf. That's the reason we've covered some good golf courses for you.

The thrill of competition only forms part of the reason why avid golfers love their game; the gorgeous natural surroundings and fresh air add to the appeal as well. So if you are an ardent fan of the game, check out these top locations. Considered as some of the most beautiful and best across the United States as follows:

5 Best Golf Courses In USA:

1. Augusta National Golf Club

best golf courses in usa

First one on our list when looking for the best golf courses in USA is Augusta National Golf Club. Located in Augusta, Georgia and home to the annual Masters Golf Tournament, the Augusta National Golf Club is, undoubtedly, one of the most lauded courses on the planet. The 12th hole in particular (popularly referred to as the Golden Bell), is one of the most popular owing to its beautiful and tree-lined green azaleas. Although it is quite difficult for non-members to play the Augusta course, you can still admire its stunning views by attending the Masters (held every spring). Besides being a golfer’s paradise, this course also appeals to history lovers with its numerous monuments in tribute to the U.S. Civil War.

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2. The Golf Club of Amelia Island

best golf courses in usa

Opened about three decades ago, the Golf Club of Amelia Island is situated on the northeast coast of Florida, just outside Jacksonville. While you may be unable to view the lapping waves of the Atlantic from this course, you will not be disappointed by the picturesque views. The first nine holes are dotted with scenic lakes and tall oak trees while the last nine stand on luxuriant marshland. It is advisable to plan your golfing vacation to Amelia Island during the winter when temperatures are a comfortable 19 degrees Celsius and the air tends to be drier. After finishing your round of golf, you can cool off with a dip in the Atlantic Ocean at one of the nearby Florida beaches.

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3. Pebble Beach Golf Links

best golf courses in usa

The history of Pebble Beach Golf Links is as storied as it is beautiful. Located about 200 kilometers south of San Francisco (along the central California coast), this renowned course has played host to five U.S. Open Championships and has inspired golfers for nearly a century with its breathtaking ocean views and challenging 18 holes. And the most gorgeous of these holes is the new fifth hole- introduced in 1998 and designed by golfing great Jack Nicklaus. While the Stillwater Cove vista makes this oceanfront hole an unforgettable one, pay special attention to ocean breezes, which may determine your club choice. After finishing your round, relax with a massage at the Pebble Beach spa or enjoy the stunning views with a drink at one of Pebble Beach’s numerous restaurants.

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4. Pine Valley Golf Course

best golf courses in usa

Located in Clementon, southern New Jersey, the Pine Valley Golf Course regularly claims top honors in Golf Magazine’s world’s best courses. Founded by a handful of amateur golfers from nearby Philadelphia, it is home to some of the most challenging and unique holes of any golf course across the U.S. While playing in this private course may not actually be possible, you can still enjoy their beautiful forested landscape and sweeping fairways while taking in the Crump Cup- an annual invitational amateur tournament that is held in September.

5. Pacific Dunes

best golf courses in usa

Last one on our list when find the best golf courses in USA is Pacific Dunes golf course. Pacific Dunes on the southern Oregon coast is just one of the six 18-hole golf courses that form the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. This course features undulating landscapes of naturally occurring bunkers and fairways overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here, you will encounter magnificent ocean vistas while you tee off of many of the holes, especially 3, 10, and 11. And if you still have energy after your golf game, try hiking in Bullards Beach State Park (just north of town).

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I hope you got some value from this post, when looking for the best golf courses in USA. If you have discovered some other places what you liked and want us to write about them, then just let us know.

Interesting Facts About The History Of Golf

Here are 5 Interesting facts about the history of golf. Of all the inventions of mankind, the one who gave people the greatest pleasure, certainly is a ball. With different types of balls over time, there have been various games. Each of these games was built somehow, somewhere, but among historians, there are still disagreements how has golf began to play.

However, there are a number of games that are considered to be forerunners of modern golf. According to historical facts, The Roman Emperors had played a game in order to relax and rest. That game was very similar to today's golf, which was called "Paganica". They were hitting a feather ball with a wooden stick.

Also, there is information that is almost identical game existed in the Netherlands under the name of "het Calvin", while in France was called "jeu de mail". No matter what, most people would agree that it is a direct ancestor of modern golf is Scottish version - "golfe".

history of golf

Facts about the History of Golf:

1. Many don't know that at one point golf was banned in Scotland! The Scottish Parliament banned golf because it was thought to meddle with military training of citizens. Prohibition occurred twice, in 1471 and 1491. Fortunately, after 300 years, the first golf club in Scotland was founded and then the magic began. 

2. There are different theories about the country of origin of the game. Most frequently are mentioned China, the Netherlands, and Scotland, and the most widely accepted theory is that Scotland is the land of origin of golf. After all, in this country were founded the first golf clubs, as well as the first golf tournaments. There are even records from the fifteenth century to prove the existence of this sport in Scotland and from that time dates and playground in St. Andrews - a holy place for every true golfer and certainly one of the oldest golf courses in the world. On this famous playground people, today proudly play golf.

3. Golf had its Olympic debut at the Summer Olympics in 1900 in Paris, but already after the second participation removed from the Olympic program because it was not popular - only two countries competed.

Luckily, in 2009 at the Congress in Copenhagen, golf had received a "green light" to return to the Olympic sports in Rio, after the break for more than a century.

4. Did you know that only three US Presidents had never played golf: Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter?

​Last and final fact about the History of Golf:

Golf is also the first sport that was ever played on the moon! Astronaut Alan Shepard played that during the Apollo 14 mission single-handed hit two golf balls while his team (and the rest of the world) were watching.

Physicists have concluded that it is entirely possible that his one-handed shot could have been the longest in history, traveling over 400 yards (365.76 meters). This would mean that the first sports record fell on the moon.

These were my facts about The History of Golf. Hope you enjoyed it. If you haven't noticed one of the recent most popular post - How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money then Click here.

5 Best Golf Jokes

Here are some best golf jokes what make you laugh during the play. There are probably few games that lend themselves better to a good joke than golf. Not only is a course a good place to share a good joke, but it only takes walking the fairway before someone will walk up to you and say, “Stop me if…” which i s as far as it usually goes before you have one even better to tell them. If not, this list of golf jokes will come in handy.

5 Best Golf Jokes:

Joke 1

Three single guys were wa iting to tee off at the local course, when the starter approached them and said, “You see that lovely young lady over there on the putting green?”

“Her? Of course. She’s gorgeous,” they all said.

“She’s a great golfer,” he explained. “She looking for a group to join, but none of the others want to include a woman. Can she play with you guys? She’s a good golfer, and she won’t hold you up, I promise. The three men said, “Sure. No problem.”

Just as the starter promised, not only was the woman a good golfer, but she observed all of the courtesies of the game and kept up to boot.

When the group finally reached the 18th hole, the woman said that if she sank that ball, she would break 80 for the first time and that she had had a wonderful time playing with them. And she also said that she loved golf so much that she wanted to marry a man who loves g olf as much as she does. Whomever could read the upcoming putt correctly, she would marry him.

All three agreed to the terms. The first man said, “I think it will break 10 inches to the left.” The second said, “Naw. I think it will break to the right. “

The third ma n looked at the woman, looked at the ball, and said, “Pick it up. I think it’s good.”

Joke 2

A woman noted that when her husband returned from his game of golf one particular Saturday he looked unusually tired and haggard. “What wrong honey?” she asked.

He responded, “Well it happened on the f ourth hole. Harry suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack. I was devastated. For the rest of the day, all I could do was hit the ball , drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry!”

Joke 3

It was bright and early on Saturday morning. Harold was beginning his golf routine, visualizing his every move, when the starter’s voice came over the loudspeaker: “Will the gentle man on the ladies tee please back up to the men’s tee?”

Unfazed, Harold remained at his spot, lining up his shot.

A little louder, the starter’s voice came over the loudspeaker: “Will the gentleman on the ladies tee please back up to the men’s tee?”

Harold broke his stance, lowered his club, and shouted, “Would the s arter kindly shut up and allow me to play my second shot?”

Joke 4

A golfer who was having a terrible day on the course started blaming his bad play on his experi enced caddie.

When the round finally ended, the golfer said, “You have got to be the worst caddie in the world.”

“I don’t think so, sir,” the caddie replied, “That would be too much of a coincidence.”

Joke 5

A golfer sliced a tee shot into the woods, then heads into the brush to find his ball, which he locates immediately behind a large tree. After considering his situation, and not wanting to take a drop and lose a stroke, he decides to hook the ball around the tree. He takes the swing, which hits the tree and ricochets back at him, and kills him instantly.

When the golfer opens hi s eyes, he sees St. Peter at the pearly gates next to him.

“Am I dead?” he asks.

“Yes, you are, my son,” St. Peter answers, as he looks the man over and notices his clubs.

“Are you a golfer?” St. Peter asks. “Are you any good?”

“Hey! I got here in two, didn’t I?”

Haha I hope you enjoyed it. If you have some best golf jokes yourself then just let us know and we'll add it here! 

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5 Best Golf Workouts To Improve Your Game

Golfers require good workouts in order to play golf pain free and to improve golf fitness and flexibility. Below are some of the 5 best golf workouts each of them addressing strength, flexibility and spinal stability. They are compounded exercises which addresses a golfer’s need simply and quickly.

best golf workouts

​Best golf workouts:

1. Single Leg Deadlift

This workout helps in simulating ball approach whether in a sand trap or on the tee. One should stand on one leg and ensure a slight bend on the knee. The back should be kept flat and the chest up as one bends over for the dead lift. While focusing on balancing, pressure on the heel should be kept. As one lowers down, a stretch is felt in the back of the leg. Abdominal muscles require squeezing so as to keep the back from rounding. Movements in this workout should be done slowly and worked on form instead of explosiveness.

2. Lateral Bounds

Two cones are placed several feet apart, with this distance between cones depending on one’s ability. Standing on a ready position, one should explode off the ground to reach for the other cone by using coiled muscles. In pushing off the outside leg, arms should be swung towards the direction of the jump. There should be a soft landing with a bent knee and catching yourself on your lead leg. The momentum of landing should be used to squat down so as to reach the cone with opposite hand of the leg one landed on.

3. Medicine Ball Rotation Slams

The functionalities of core stabilization, hip rotation and coordination of upper body in helping with the down swing are usually utilized in this workout. To those doing it for the first time, they should begin with a light ball or by using a cable machine so as to perform downward chops. The ball should be brought overhead, hips rotated and slamming the ball down so that it bounces off the ground to land at the target. Visualizing squashing of the bug with the back foot is essential as it helps in bringing the hips through and exaggerating the bend in the back knee.

4. Medicine Ball lateral Rotation Throws

This workout helps in improving core mobility, a strong follow through and overall functional strength. To those who are new to this movement, they should use a light medicine ball or TRX Rip Trainer in order to train the on using the core muscles. The medicine ball is held on the side facing away from one’s partner or the wall. The chest should be kept up, the core tight and the face hips forward. The upper body should be rotated quickly and exploded towards the target. Then, the ball chest high should be released and followed through with the rotation.

5. Cable Pull/Push

This workout helps in working the upper body, coordination and the core strength. Cable arms should be set parallel to the floor and light weights used for decreased difficulty. Ac cable should be held on each hand; shoulder blades pinched together and ensure a slight bend on the knees. Cable on both hands should be pulled in opposite directions. Once in a ready position, the cable should be pulled with the extended arm while at the same time extending the other arm. The upper body should be kept still while the arms are moving.

I hope you enjoy doing these golf workout exercises and improve your game. If you have any questions then just comment here and let us know. Just in case you missed, then have a look at one of the most recent popular posts  "5 Tips How To Hit a Golf Ball" and click here.

10 Golf Terms For Dummies

Not only is golf a fun sport, it also has its own language, and that makes this article on golf terms for dummies seem necessary for anyone who is interested in playing or watching the sport. Birdie, par, bogey... First time golfers find themselves very confused at these invented words. Luckily, they're quite easy to learn and understand. You'll be feeling more comfortable out on the golf course in no time.

​Below are the 10 golf terms for dummies:

1. The 'ace'

This one is quite easy to remember, because it's the best outcome you can hope for. An ace refers simply to a hole in one, meaning that it takes only one swing for the ball to go straight into the hole.

2. The 'par'

Since holes vary in difficulty level, the 'par' is the score that a good player would be expected to make on that specific hole or round. The par will vary from hole to hole, and is very important to understand due to its relation to other key golf terms that will be explained next.

3. The 'albatross', or 'double eagle'

Here's where the golf terminology gets a little more tricky. The 'albatross/double eagle' refers to three strokes under par. So, if par for a particular hole is 5 strokes, an albatross/double eagle will be 2 strokes. This terminology takes a bit of basic math skills to understand, but it's quite easy to get used to.

4. The 'eagle'

Another easy one to learn once you understand what a par is. The 'eagle' refers to two strokes under par.

5. The 'birdie'

You can probably answer this one yourself. A birdie simply refers to one stroke under par.

6. The 'bogey'

This is where the scores start to go downhill. Once you're out there on the course, these are the terms you don't want to hear. A 'bogey' is one stroke over par, meaning it's taking you longer than it should to get that ball where it's supposed to be.

7. The 'double bogey'

And the worst of all is the 'double bogey', which is - you've probably guessed it - two strokes over par. Once you understand these seven golf terms, you'll be on par (get it?) with the rest of the beginners.

8. The 'hazard'

If you've ever watched golf, you'll know that there are plenty of hazardous looking areas on the golf course. 'Bunkers' are created to make the game of golf even more difficult, and can be composed of sand or thick grass. There are also permanent water hazards; if you accidentally get your ball in there, there's no getting out.

9. The 'explosion shot'

Since we just talked about bunkers, it only seems necessary to talk about the explosion shot next. When a ball is caught in a sand trap, many players will opt for a shot where they strongly swing the club, plowing it underneath the sand and underneath the ball. You might also hear it called a 'blast' or a 'blast shot'.

10. 'Iron'

And the last golf term for dummies is here... This is important because it refers to the most important tool in the game - your club. An iron is a golf club made from solid metal, with a flat-face. They are numbered from one to nine and the higher the number, the greater the loft they produce.

There you have it. 10 golf terms for dummies that will come in quite handy when you're just starting out. Once you've gotten the knack of these terms, you won't be a dummy for long. Golf is a difficult sport, but is well worth it once you get some practice in and get used to the way the game works.

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5 Tips How To Hit a Golf Ball

Most beginners hit at a golf ball, rather than through it. Probably the best thing to learn about how to hit a golf ball is the absolute need for a follow through on the swing, whether at the tee upon address or in the fairway playing the ball where it lies.

The point I am trying to convey is to make solid contact, and those who can consistently make solid contact with their ball, will have a more enjoyable golf game in general. Balance, a good foundation, rhythm in the swing and good tempo help make hitting the ball a whole lot easier. Other things to keep in mind, keep the swing in one plane from start to finish and practice weight transfer from one foot to the other. Watch the pros do it on television to give yourself an idea of how it's done.

how to hit a golf ball

So what are the 5 tips how to hit a golf ball?

Read below...

1. Teeing Up the Ball

There is more to teeing up the ball than simply placing it on the little white stick, although that is basically all you do. However, there are a few other things to consider. If you're teeing off, then chances are you are using a driver. In that case the tee should be placed higher or stick farther out of the ground. Bigger tees are sold for this purpose. This allows the ball to sit up higher for the bigger club head driver. For iron shots, the normal sized tee is okay. Just make sure you can see at least half the ball.

2. Check Your Grip

When it comes to how to hit a golf ball, watch your hands on the club. Grip too hard and you will tense up and shorten your shot. Grip to loose and you will end up slicing it or drawing it off in a direction you do not want the ball to go. Grip the club only strong enough to control it. Hands should be in a neutral position upon impact with the club head tilted a bit toward the center for solid impact.

3. Follow Through the Shot

Bring the club all the way through the shot. Do not just stop your swing when you make contact with the ball. It is the follow through that gives you distance and trajectory. Your finish should not be at the ground. It should be on the other side of your body, long and rhythmic.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Have someone watched you while you swing. Or practice in front of a mirror. Or videotape your practices. This will allow you to see what it is you are doing wrong and to correct your mistakes or bad habits. Observe your foundation, is your body balanced, how is your swing, do you pause at the top or do you quickly take back the club and bring it down with as much force as you can muster, do you hit or miss the ball, do you keep your eyes on the ball at all times, do you follow through on your swing, does the ball fly....or is it still sitting on the tee? Practice on how to hit a golf ball! Practice, practice, practice

5. Use Your Hips

You can gain a lot of power you lose by twisting your hips during your swing so that they face the fairway and not the ball. This will create extra torque and help make up for some of the power that is lost by having less time to force your arms through the ball.

I hope these 5 tips how to hit golf ball were useful. If you have any questions then just comment below and just let us know.

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