Interesting Facts About The History Of Golf

Here are 5 Interesting facts about the history of golf. Of all the inventions of mankind, the one who gave people the greatest pleasure, certainly is a ball. With different types of balls over time, there have been various games. Each of these games was built somehow, somewhere, but among historians, there are still disagreements how has golf began to play.

However, there are a number of games that are considered to be forerunners of modern golf. According to historical facts, The Roman Emperors had played a game in order to relax and rest. That game was very similar to today's golf, which was called "Paganica". They were hitting a feather ball with a wooden stick.

Also, there is information that is almost identical game existed in the Netherlands under the name of "het Calvin", while in France was called "jeu de mail". No matter what, most people would agree that it is a direct ancestor of modern golf is Scottish version - "golfe".

history of golf

Facts about the History of Golf:

1. Many don't know that at one point golf was banned in Scotland! The Scottish Parliament banned golf because it was thought to meddle with military training of citizens. Prohibition occurred twice, in 1471 and 1491. Fortunately, after 300 years, the first golf club in Scotland was founded and then the magic began. 

2. There are different theories about the country of origin of the game. Most frequently are mentioned China, the Netherlands, and Scotland, and the most widely accepted theory is that Scotland is the land of origin of golf. After all, in this country were founded the first golf clubs, as well as the first golf tournaments. There are even records from the fifteenth century to prove the existence of this sport in Scotland and from that time dates and playground in St. Andrews - a holy place for every true golfer and certainly one of the oldest golf courses in the world. On this famous playground people, today proudly play golf.

3. Golf had its Olympic debut at the Summer Olympics in 1900 in Paris, but already after the second participation removed from the Olympic program because it was not popular - only two countries competed.

Luckily, in 2009 at the Congress in Copenhagen, golf had received a "green light" to return to the Olympic sports in Rio, after the break for more than a century.

4. Did you know that only three US Presidents had never played golf: Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter?

​Last and final fact about the History of Golf:

Golf is also the first sport that was ever played on the moon! Astronaut Alan Shepard played that during the Apollo 14 mission single-handed hit two golf balls while his team (and the rest of the world) were watching.

Physicists have concluded that it is entirely possible that his one-handed shot could have been the longest in history, traveling over 400 yards (365.76 meters). This would mean that the first sports record fell on the moon.

These were my facts about The History of Golf. Hope you enjoyed it. If you haven't noticed one of the recent most popular post - How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money then Click here.


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